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Before 2002, the media in Pakistan was highly centralized. Now, media is decentralized but due to the dissemination of diversified opinion coming from sources that are following different agendas, audiences are exposed to manipulated information. We are a group of courageous people who are committed with the cause of serving the national interests of Pakistan by neutralizing the impact of information war that has been imposed on the audiences by a handful of powerful media outlets. Our timely and unbiased research analysis on issues related to defense, nuclear assets, geo-political scenario, international relations, politics, economy and changing global trends are for the policy makers and common people who are interested in knowing both of pictures. [/vision_content_box]

[vision_content_box style=”cool-blue” title=”Mission”] To formulate an unbiased analysis on the basis of which decision makers could devise a strategy that is in best interest of Pakistan. [/vision_content_box]

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  • To bring forward research work that could provide a firm foundation to the policy making.
  • To neutralize the negative propaganda by bring forward different sides of story.
  • To provide credible and unbiased information related to a wide range of national issues.
  • To highlight the root cause of problem, to conduct solution oriented debate and to present the best possible solutions.
  • To analyze the drawbacks of past policies and to suggest the measures through which desired results could be achieved.