A leader is a person who gives vision and direction to the masses. He inspires, motivates and gives hope in face of adversity and uncertainty. Ultimately, he is responsible and is held accountable for the whole nation.

Recently, World News Channels such as CNN and BBC are doing rounds, to decide who is the World’s Greatest Leader for the year 2017.

Also, people on Social Media are buzzing with support for their own Country leaders. They are doing this –in some cases– out of patriotism, while in other cases out of simplicity, naivety, and blind-trust.

This gives us a vague picture to decide as to who can be and is the World’s Greatest Leader for the year 2017. Also, there is an ongoing debate and resultant diverse opinions of people around the Globe. However, leaders can be gauged on certain factors that can be useful in deciding who is, and who isn’t the World’s Greatest Leader.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the current and 45th President of USA. He got elected on Jan 20, 2017, from the Republican party. Prior to becoming USA President, Mr Trump was a real estate agent and a businessman.

The reason Trump’s name is on top is not because he is the World’s Greatest Leader but He is the leader of Hegemonic SuperPower USA.

Nic Robertson of CNN has termed Trump as “World’s Liability”, rather than World’s Leader.

Specifically, Donald Trump is known for his impulsiveness, rude public behavior, and narcissism.  He takes U-turns on his own statements that baffles his European and NATO allies and amuses his rivals simultaneously. Mr. Trump is frequently seen for throwing tantrums at public places, in press conferences and his twitter tweets in general. He has been criticized for unhealthy self-love that devours him of helpful counsel from his advisers.  He seems to be in love with his own voice and not paying heed to what others advise him of.

Donald Trump, recently, threw tantrum at Pakistan– saying that the country is not doing enough for the fight against Terrorism and should, “Do more”. Pakistan in reply said that she has sacrificed so much in war against terror that no other country can claim the same.

China defended Pakistan of Trump allegations before Pakistan defended herself. China said, that world needs to recognize Pakistan’s fight against terrorism.

Xi Jin Ping

Xi Jin Ping is the China’s 7th President. He took charge of the office in Mar 2013. Mr Xi also holds other important positions like General Secretary of Communist Party of China and Chairman of Central Military Commission.

He is the only leader after Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping to bring about massive changes in China’s influence over the world.

Mao led the foundations of People’s Republic of China, Deng brought wealth to China and Xi is set to bring power back to China.

China was a great land, then foreigners (UK) destroyed its people with opium, and now she is emerging as world’s strongest economy.

No doubt, USA is still a SuperPower and major military might to be reckoned with– however– it is losing its grip on the world slowly but surely.

USA is losing the World’s Power to China and President Xi Jin Ping, in particular. USA is major debtor to China and the debt stands at $1.2 trillion dollar as of Aug 2017.

If China wishes, it can crumble US economy with a little after shock to hers as well. However, there is a strategy in keeping US in debt. China wants to keep its exports cheaper and extend its reach over Europe, Africa and Americas.

USA and European people are spend thrifts and want low priced consumer goods. This need of their’s is fulfilled by heavy Chinese exports.

Lastly, the Heartland theory of Mackinder published in 1904 states that whoever controls the heartland i.e. Euro Asia (present-day Russia and Germany) controls the world. China is using this strategy to envision and construct the Silk Road.

The Silk Road will give China increase access to European Countries. The trade routes will become shorter. Instead of using longest route Strait of Malacca, China will rely on Pakistan’s Gwadar Port for its trading with other countries.

Therefore, China has invested $46 billion in Pakistan in the name of CPEC. It’s a win-win situation for both the countries. China will be able to bring her vision of Silk Road into reality, and Pakistan would get– much-needed energy and infrastructure boost it needs so direly.