By: Faiqa Hussain Bhatti 

Melancholy on his face and wept eyes of young kid while standing in front of his father’s coffin unveiling the allegory of bereavement. That young kid is a son of Shaheed Colonel Sohail, the man who had been chosen for the prodigious rank which was the unconfined aspiration of a gallant warrior Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed RA.

Colonel Sohail was a part of hoaxed faction who is behind subverting the illusive prime minster (according to some rebellious people) he got martyrdom during an intelligence operation and took all those bullets from agitators which were ready to fire on me, you or your children. How penurious ploy to enfeeble security situation to preclude electoral process (killing their own officers for empathy) as they have hold responsible intelligence agencies for attack on interior minister Ahsan Iqbal. But wait, wait… Now that officer is gone so we can say he is a proud of this Nation or we can say that those who are wearing uniform are conspirators and those who has laid their lives are sons of this soil. The ultimate form of deviousness.

The dolorous picture of Major Ishaq’s wife after his martyrdom was not staled in our mind yet, now that kid’s tears have prolonged sadness.

His agony was carrying demurral sentiments, ‘’ a faction of liberals for whom Army and intelligence agencies in our country are not fighting for our survival, they are killing our own people. Then who are carrying out massacre in Hazara community, who have arisen segregation movements in Baluchistan, now contentious Manzoor Pashteen who was hiding himself in tunnel when military operation was ongoing against insurgents for their safety. ‘’Demands while intimidating a soverign state and chanting anti-state slogans are not demands, its agenda’’. Are they our people?

It’s long since we are endeavoring to secure our people from fright of terrorism, But after gigantic sacrifices of our young sons, Somehow interior political affliction of this country has promulgated pessimistic attitude in us, menacing demeanor of our deceptive ally USA for whom we have smoldered our abode, International pressure on us for sanctions, Deleterious and agonizing situation in Kashmir and Palestine has caused ample damage to our morale.

‘’we are not defeated yet, just exhausted not defeated’’ Eagle returns with more zealousness after breaking his old beak and weak talons.

India, USA and other rival countries has accused Pakistan of ‘terrorist sponsored state’ rather than Pakistan has urged the world to recognize demise of our soldiers and civilians in your war, we have lost thousands of our people for you. The terrorist sponsored states are those who are assisting Kalbushan Jadhav.

Terrorist sponsor states are those: who called afghan Taliban ‘’Freedom Fighters’’ (US Ex-President Reagan meeting with Taliban at White House).

Terrorist sponsor states are those: who have killed more than 6 million people in Syria and demolished their houses, cities, hospitals, schools, where children facing psychological disorder. ‘’ 910 children were killed in Syria in 2017 only, 50% more than the previous years the highest recorded since the conflict started’’

Terrorist sponsor states are those: who have killed more than 5,100,000 Palestinians since 1948.

Terrorist sponsor states are those: who have killed 40,000 people in Kashmir in last 21 years.

But still Muslims and Pakistan Army is behind terrorism, ‘’we are the Sufferer instead of causing sufferings’’

Why we ought to castigate others when our own third time, (erstwhile) Prime minister avowed Mumbai attack was planned by Pakistan. When others were saying in fact their own people claimed that Mumbai attack was held by Indian government itself.

Firstly Dawn leaks now this utterance has made us thief in the eyes of judge (world).

The soldier standing before the border in more than 40 degree temperature and an anonymous soldier who lost one of his companion a 22 year young soldier at Afghanistan, inhumed his body without any solemn ceremony while this assertion vandalized the morale of them. There an unsung defender spoke on the grave of his companion “Because of these leaders we don’t even get soil of our land after dying’’

After examining the history we come to this outcome the war of 1965 was not only the victory of army or nation it was the victory of our unanimity, valor, zealous, where we were standing behind our forces.

Defeat in 1971 war revealed renegades of this state brought decline to us and we lost East Pakistan, We had started propaganda against armed forces.

In 1757 and 1799 due to the treacherous act of our own people Mir Jaffir & Sadiq we became slaves for many decades. Infidelity to own soil has taken place in our roots.

The decline of Abbasids was not a robust battle or inadequacy of Army but caliph Al-Musta’sim Billah’s own minister betrayed him and Abbasids era ended for the lifetime.

Mehmet IV, an impotent ruler of Ottoman Empire was ready to surrender before Greece forces and asked help from British, at that time Turk forces were exhausted after continuous fighting since 1911, the Patriots and Mustafa Kamal saved Turkey but Ottoman Empire wiped out from the slate of history.

Our erstwhile PM has already claimed at India ‘’there is only a border among us otherwise we are ONE, we have same God’’ he could not find the reason behind separation being a PM of ‘Islamic’ Republic of Pakistan. It seems he was unaware about the ideology of Pakistan.

After Dawn leaks he is firmly standing on his viewpoint about Mumbai attack. Many of us are following the footsteps of betrayals which have mentioned above.

Henceforth we have to find out who is a collaborator of enemies and providing harbor to them for sanctions on Pakistan.

It’s not for only a Colonel Sohail; we honor our every defender and martyrs. The arduous phase has arrived we have to choose between right and wrong for our coming generation.

Colonel Sohail could have lead the operation from behind, why he had to take this risk, for what purpose?

What if the Liberals Speak the truth ‘’they are fighting for our children and leaving their own children orphan’’

The blood of Martyrs; will bring the spring in our country

Then the entire land will become a; Garden of Flowers

And do not think of those killed in Allah’s path as dead: indeed they are alive and receive their sustenance from their Lord. They rejoice in the bounty provided by Allah. (Surah 3, Aal-e Imran verse 169-170)

”Not all who lost their lives died… it requires wisdom to understand wisdom”.