Soldiers and Officers at the cream of their ages leaving behind everything, the willing o sacrifice most valuable thing they have that is their lives. They know whenever they leave their barracks, whenever they say their parents Allah Hafiz, whenever they tell their wives that how much they love them and whenever they express their feelings about their children it might be their last time. Many of the people say it’s their job to fight and fight to protect the nation but why we sometimes forget that they are humans as well they have feelings whenever you insult abuse your defenders just hold for a minute and think what would be the scenario if we didn’t have our armed forces and law enforcement agencies doing there work to keep us safe and protected. Just look at the countries like Syria and Iraq ruthlessly destroyed people brutally killed and humanity executed on gallows.
Pakistan faced one of the worst wave of terrorism in recent years it was the professionalism of Pakistan Armed Forces that they are successful to protect Pakistan and fight against one of the largest and ruthless terror movement, heavily funded by our enemies and so called friends. Survival of Pakistan is no doubt the blessing of Allah. From attacking on the installations of Armed Forces to targeting the innocent children in schools, colleges and universities terrorist didn’t leave single opportunity to hurt us, every time they attacked us we fought back from operation against terrorist in Swat to operation Khyber IV every time we showed terrorist we are not breakable there can be some disagreements there can be some disputes but failure can not be the in the destiny of this nation.
I still remember the day 2nd November, 2014 suicide attack at Wagah Border, Lahore several embraced Shahadat and hundred above were injured the only crime they did was they were chanting Jevay Jevay Pakistan and Pakistan Zindabad, whole area was covered with blood. It was assumed that the flag lowering ceremony will not take place again or may be it will loose its attraction and the love for the country in the nation is suppressed but the very next day of the attack hundreds of people were again present to witness the ceremony chanting Jevay Jevay Pakistan with all the energy they had, they were not just chanting but they were also pledging that whatever happens they will fight back.
After the attack of APS, Peshawar in which 148 innocent souls were killed they didn’t know what was there crime except this that they were there to study the darkest day in the history of our country, Pakistan witnessed a different situation from soldier to general everyone’s eye was wet from Karachi to Gilgit every home observed mourning.
Every time we faced the hard situation we proved to hard and harder strong and stronger we should not forget that Allah gives his hardest battle to his toughest soldiers. We cannot be defeated till Armed Forces and Nation are single unit, there will be hard times there will be bloodshed we have been facing 5th Generation of warfare and with this type of ruthless campaign Armed Forces and Law enforcement agencies cannot fight alone we have to stand shoulder to shoulder with them this our motherland this our country and it is our duty to stand for its sovereignty and freedom.