The Islamic State has used chemical weapons, including chlorine and sulfur mustard agents, at least 52 times on the battlefield in Syria and Iraq since it swept to power in 2014, according to a new independent analysis.

More than one-third of those chemical attacks have come in and around Mosul, the Islamic State stronghold in northern Iraq, according to the assessment by the IHS Conflict Monitor, a London-based intelligence collection and analysis service.

The IHS conclusions, which are based on local news reports, social media and Islamic State propaganda, mark the broadest compilation of chemical attacks in the conflict. American and Iraqi military officials have expressed growing alarm over the prospect of additional chemical attacks as the allies press to regain both Mosul and Raqqa, the Islamic State capital in Syria.

Adding to this, we have been told in the past by the world and controlled media that Iraq had WMDs. That Libya had terrorists. Afghanistan was planning an attack on the world. That Japanese were evil in early 1900’s. That Soviet Union was exporting communism around the world. That Vietnam was the root cause of all evil in Asia Pacific. That Cuba was harbouring missiles to destroy North America. That Grenada was an ally of Cuba. That every German was a Nazi and a supporter of Hitler. Oh, and talking about Hitler, they also told us that; Israel is a peaceful country and had the most organized and moral army of the world

Not dwelling in the past but by the looks of it, this is the pattern and you have heard about the recent US, UK and France attacking Syria with smart missiles and targeting their chemical weapon sites. In all this, only victims are the hoi polloi of Syria and it’s ironic so see US with it’s allies attacking Syria to prevent Syria from Assad’s regime and Russia, meanwhile Russia condemning the attacks, so before jumping to hasty conclusions, it’s worth mentioning that none of them care for Syria or the commoners, it’s great game planned to strong their foothold in the region, everyone is the culprit here and the victims are – you know that right!

Look at Libya, at the rise of Isis in Iraq, at the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan – Syria is a tinderbox, the theatre for proxy wars by numerous different actors, and is already deepening the tensions between Israel and Iran. To drop bombs on Assad without a serious, thought-out strategy, and a plan about what happens next, risks making a horrific situation even worse. Even if early indications are that the regime, Russia and Iran will shrug this off in military terms, they will certainly milk it for propaganda and make the search for peace even harder.

More than 40 people, many of them children, were said to have been killed on April 4 in the rebel-held Damascus suburb of Douma, which Western powers have automatically blamed – with no proof whatsoever – on Syrian President Bashar-al-Assad. The fact is, chemical weapons in this horrific civil war have been used by both the Syrian military and rebel groups – some of whom are really nasty extremist outfits and nothing like the champions of democracy they are regularly portrayed as by the West. This sort of talk, by the way, is instantly condemned by the mainstream narrative as heresy, facts and legitimate doubts be damned.

Now it’s happening again, with the US and its British and French global policing cronies raining more than 100 missiles on Syria. Déjà vu to some extent, but the truly worrying caveat this time is that the Russians, who have boots on the ground to prop up the regime, are looking to retaliate.

That would be a very alarming escalation indeed, and far more informed commentators than me, as well as senior officials involved, are warning of the real threat of a third world war.

Just a few years ago, when he was warning his predecessor Barack Obama to stay out of Syria or risk the end of the world, Trump regularly sent out tweets such as this: “Be prepared, there is a small chance that our horrendous leadership could unknowingly lead us into World War III.”

Well, suffice to say there’s more than a “small chance” of Armageddon, under his own “horrendous leadership” this time.

Too bad about his chronic amnesia, but maybe we can hope against hope that Trump will still heed advice on his older tweet he tweeted to his predecessor Barack Obama.