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Not All Who Lost Their Lives Died

By: Faiqa Hussain Bhatti  Melancholy on his face and wept eyes of young kid while standing in front of his father’s coffin unveiling the allegory of bereavement. That young kid is a son of Shaheed Colonel Sohail, the man who had been chosen for the prodigious rank which was the unconfined aspiration of a gallant warrior Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed RA. Colonel Sohail was a part of hoaxed faction who is behind subverting the illusive prime minster (according to some rebellious people) he got martyrdom during an intelligence operation and took all those bullets from agitators which were ready...

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US defence attache will face trail.

ISLAMABAD: The US diplomat, who reportedly rammed into a motorcycle, killing one and injuring another on Saturday, will have to face trial, either in Pakistan or his home country. In case the US embassy confirms that the accused has diplomatic immunity against trial here, he could be tried in US courts. Talking to Dawn, a senior police officer said a case was registered for the crime and that there is therefore no doubt that a trial will be conducted. The diplomat has immunity regarding arrest and detention, but not against trial. He said it was up to the US...

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News Alert! Extreme Ocean heat waves do exist, and they are getting worst.

Things got really strange in the waters off of Southern California in 2015. Pacific Ocean temperatures jumped as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit above average, as an unprecedented warming trend stretched from Alaska to Mexico. It was a bonafide marine heat wave. In a study published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications, researchers concluded that since 1925, the number of marine heat wave days increased by over 50 percent annually, and the frequency of the events increased by nearly 35 percent. And our warming climate could be to blame. As oceans soak up heat from a warming Earth, average...

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Afghan Suicide Mosque Attacks Kill 60 Worshippers

Some 60 people have been killed in two separate attacks on mosques in Afghanistan, officials say. A gunman entered a Shia Muslim mosque in Kabul before opening fire and detonating an explosive, killing at least 39 worshippers. An attack on a Sunni Muslim mosque in Ghor province killed 20 people. So-called Islamic State (IS) said it carried out the attack on Kabul’s Imam Zaman mosque, but provided no evidence for the claim. The group has previously targeted Shia mosques across Afghanistan. The new attacks bring to at least 176 the number of people killed in bomb attacks across the...

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Roadside Blast Kills Elite Police in Quetta

A roadside bomb has killed at least six police officers and wounded 22 others in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta. The attack targeted a truck carrying police personnel on the city’s main Saryab road on Wednesday morning. Provincial home minister Sarfaraz Bugti, speaking to media at the site of the attack, said those attacked were “elite” officers. “The car was going as per routine and it was hit. It appears to be a vehicle-borne attack, and we are still identifying whether it was a suicide bomber or planted explosives,” said Bugti. Television footage from the scene showed the mangled and scorched wreckage...

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