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Is China Planning to dominate Eurasia?

President Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony of the Belt and Road forum unveiled a plan to provide about $20 billion in additional contributions to the Silk Road Fund. While Pakistan welcomed the extra funds and closer ties with China, the American Interest ran the caption “Pakistan: China’s Next Economic Colony”. Pakistani politicians are sure to object, but America is not alone in its criticism of China’s ambitious project and Pakistan’s submissive role. India is suspicious of China–Pakistan nexus and it has joined forces with Japan to build their own “strategic wall” by collaborating to promote rival infrastructure projects,...

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China’s growing public diplomacy towards America

Public diplomacy is an important component of a state’s foreign policy towards other states, it is a medium through a state projects its soft power which are aimed at achieving some intended goals by winning the hearts and minds of the public in that state. However, unlike other tools of foreign policy it is directed towards general public of a state. Now that china is emerging as a great power in the world, it is essential more than ever to clarify the misconceptions between the people of United States and China, because at his juncture both States holds crucial...

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U.S Public Diplomacy to Reduce Anti-Americanism in Pakistan

For U.S its public diplomacy is defined as those explicit International public informational accomplishments of the United States Government intended to endorse the United States foreign policy intents by pursuing to cognize, enlighten and inspired foreign viewers and estimation fabricators and by widening the negotiation between American nations and administrations and their equivalent abroad. Now beaming on U.S and Pakistan diplomatic relations, one can say that U.S and Pakistan has enjoyed short but good bilateral relations since the creation of Pakistan. Both the states have always supported each other in a friendly environment either in Cold War against USSR,...

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The Extremists Muslims

One of the most critical challenges the world is facing today is the extremism and radical mindset that has rolled out in the world! Not solely Pakistan, the world is facing the issues of prevailing terrorist activities in many ways. These activities and attacks are penetrating  just like the cancer within the whole world, and this cancer has left its deep roots everywhere, in all corners of the world, and effected the developed countries, the developing countries and also the third world countries! No one is safe from this tumor! Extremism is the most crucial challenge which Pakistan is...

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ISIS’s Created Threat

Pakistan being the only Nuclear Muslim country has a significant status in the world, few weeks back when ISIS claimed that they will purchase the nuclear assets of Pakistan to use against USA; it was not shocking news for me because I knew there must be some reason behind as everything has a reason behind it. ISIS claimed that they have given the task to the local leadership to start work on this so that they can obtain nuclear assets with in a period of one year. Is it enough easy to purchase nuclear assets of any country? Isn’t...

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