Author: Amna Fazail

India hates Progress of Pakistan: Gen Mehmood Hayat

“RAW has established a special cell at a cost of $500 million to sabotage the CPEC”. This has been said by Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) General Zubair Mehmood Hayat, while addressing a two-day conference in Islamabad. The above statement of General Zubair Hayat also has its context. India is worried about CPEC because this project will boost up the Economy of Pakistan because India’s mission to destroy Pakistan will not be fulfilled after the completion of CPEC. From the Day of Independence, till this day India tried to de-stable Pakistan. But most of the times India...

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Kulbhushan Jhadav: A Spy Confessed

“My Alias was Husain Mubarak Patail. I visited Karachi in 2005 and 2006. The basic purpose of the visit was to gather information about the installations near Karachi and other ports of Pakistan. The activities near Karachi, Balochistan especially Quetta, Turbat were organized and nicely coordinated. I was based in at Iranian Chahbahar port while running a business. A series of meetings were conducted with Baloch insurgents and Terrorists. The main plan was to plant a RAW network in the land of Pakistan that could facilitate everything to Baloch Insurgents”. These are some of the confessional statements of Indian...

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