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ISIS-Old Wine New Bottle

IS, that controls the land of Syria and Iraq, has been creating inroads into South Asia, that has historically been dominated by religious movement insurgencies against both Pakistan and Afghanistan. ISIS formally known as Daesh is one of the most notorius terrorists organizations that is new in this ‘terror’ industry, and they have broke all the records of the bloodshed. They have burnt people alive, they trade women, they molest women, they shoot people, they explode theirselves, and all for what? Only in the name of religion! The religion, that is the religion of peace. And they have been...

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Attack On Education & Pakistan

Another tragic incident after one year of APS attack, another attack on Education who are these terrorists, why they have started killing the innocent civilians who by no means are hurting them” These were the words of an old man sitting in cafe in the capital city of Pakistan. Attack on Bacha khan university is not less painful than APS Peshawar attack but question is how can we stop these attacks, what kind of measures we can take to prevent such incidents, for a moment you may not have any answer but yes there are few steps which can...

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It is always the silliest of the actions, marked with the heightened egos that have been deciding the fate of politics in South Asia. Most of the times it the shared hatred and rest of the times, gun and grenades doing the job. Pakistan and India have hardly contained a chance of sitting together and sorting out matters ‘peacefully’. And here’s the new year gift for both countries! It wasn’t too old to be lost in the works of history when Modi met Nawaz. Lahore moot was a juncture made on return from Kabul. India cannot do any business...

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Why we lost Dhaka

Fall of Dhaka is remembered as a very tragic day in the history of Pakistan, when Pakistan was broken into two parts, a new state of Bangladesh was created from an existing Pakistan, and we lost an integral part! India has a history of a never ending and long lasting prejudice against Muslims, and India has played a very vital role in breaking Pakistan in 1971. India now even after many years, admitted that they were behind the creation of Dhaka. In 1971, RAW the premier agency of India made a specific wing for dismantling region. RAW was behind...

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Almeida’s Myth

It was an ordinary morning when I woke up and found nobody at home, Baba was in line to get something for meal, Mama was at neighbors and I was sure about the discussions behind the walls about the dilemma of current government of PMLN which brought crisis to our land, but wait lets blame the General leading the Army at that time? It’s quite easy to bash the armed forces of Pakistan when our own sins leave us of nowhere… Cyril Almeida is one of those writers I have been following since I started reading Dawn but today’s...

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