Author: Fahad Malik

NAP and Government’s Non Performance

  To cure the terrorism, Pakistan’s Military, Public Representatives, Government, and all state stake holders, agreed on Implementation of NAP. An APC was called, all politicians, and political leaders, assured their support. Zarb-E-Azb, the first step to clean Pakistan was taken before the implementation and planning of NAP. Military started this operation, but later on, with consent of Parliament of Pakistan, two more phases second, and third were added. According to NAP, all terrorists and terrorists’ organizations around the country will be nailed. In starting weeks of NAP, the arrangements and procedures for implementation of NAP were very speedy....

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Pakistan & Afghanistan-Striving for Peace

Pakistan & Afghanistan hold a very important place in South Asia. Pakistan is surrounded by four important neighbors. China, India, Iran and Afghanistan. China is one the of the oldest allies, and good friends of Pakistan. India is obviously not a friend, but a notorious neighbor, who always tried to harm Pakistan. Iran being a Muslim country, has good terms with Pakistan. With Afghanistan, Pakistan shares Durand line which is around 2250 KM. Pakistan always strived for friendly relations with Afghanistan, but Afghanistan refused to recognized Pakistan as an independent country in 1947. Since then, our relations with Afghanistan...

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Pakistan’s War on Terror

Since last two years, Pakistan Military is paying full attention in war on terror to eliminate the curse of terrorism completely from the country. After few barbaric attacks at different schools, and mosques, back in 2014, Pakistan’s Civil & Military leadership agreed on a massive cleanout operation, and in three back to back operations, they almost cleaned the country from the mess which was bothering us since a decade. The religious extremism in Pakistan, has gone to the next level, after invasion of US in Afghanistan for Al Qaeda. America broke Afghanistan, and that void was filled by different groups,...

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Terrorism & Pakistan Army Act.

The Soviat Afghan war of 1979, threw South Asia into a never ending fire of terrorism. But after two decades, the rise of civil war in Afghanistan, gave birth to an extremist ideology, named Al-Qaeda. Al Qaeda rose in Afghanistan, and imposed forceful Shariyat. The Soviat war, the civil war of Afghanistan and the rise of Al-Qaeda resulted in the migration of 6 million people to Pakistan and Iran, and Pakistan became a battle field for war on terror. With the passage of time, one Al-Qaeda gave birth to many terrorists groups. They were working on the same agenda...

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Save Balochistan, Save Pakistan

Balochistan Pakistan always remained a center of attention for the foreign world in South Asia, reason is that Pakistan holds a very important place in the region, and that’s why different western hands always tried to Sabotage Pakistan’s peace and its socio-economical relationships with the world. The western hands always sponsored terrorism in Pakistan, and since last few years, they became very active in Balochistan, after the defeat of different Taliban Tehreek’s in Military Operations. There’s a specific lobby working on the agenda of Baloch Separation, to stop the way for a greater & peaceful Balochistan. The main reason...

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