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Terrorism is the negative side effect of strategic policy of proxy warfare and jihadist view point specifically in South Asian region. It’s just creating strategic assets who later become demons of death. And yes, this similar narrative is hitting Pakistan hard for almost more than a decade. Every terror attack reminds us of our strategic mistakes. Similarly, every bomb blast brings fear, chaos, condemnations and a renewed resolve lacking spirit. Despite terrorist’s backbone been broken, they still manage to attack us. Attack on Bacha Khan University is one recent example. It doesn’t matter that rescue operation went successful or...

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What’s delay in Rangers Extension in Karachi?

Rangers are once again bent, waiting for the extension approval from the Sindh Government. Rangers policing control over Karachi for last four months ended on 5th December. Since, the start of urban operation in Karachi specifically, we have heard of decrease in crime rates and target killings. However, this operation assumingly have apprehended and suspected terrorists with political affiliations – which is BOTH sad and bad. Until yesterday, Pakistan was supposedly fighting a war against hardcore terrorists. But operation in Karachi unleashed terrorists among us. Political arrests invited criticism, challenging Rangers, their character and powers. What’s ironical? Rangers need...

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Since, military has been dealing high on upfront; it is seen largely as component of ‘soft coup’. And why not, this terminology is striking the minds as army has ruled this country for almost half of its age. This certainly seems like de facto government has been put aside while military handles the business. But, here the writers are cynical weighing the soft coup, not logically. Though, military does run the office but inferences are being drawn far and farther away from reality. Many think, military vaguely holds sway to function while I believe it’s obvious. It won’t be...

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Previously, Pakistan had broken relations with Saudia Arabia as we differed on fighting Yemen war. Though, it was unusual but those statements from Saudi end were all a natural reaction. Historically, guess of the moment we even thought to differ with Saudi ‘brothers’, you won’t find any. This difference of opinion hurt relations badly as Saudi decisions were more taken has holy commandments here instead of seeing the real yet undercurrent essence. No doubt, KSA is the only stakeholder in Middle East to which western powers like doing business. And so is its influence in the region. Besides, Saudia...

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A Week abroad for Pakistan

Top civil-military leadership has recently been to international forums to fight a case – it was a week abroad for Pakistan. Prime Minister if placed four point agenda at UNGA platform, the Chief of army staff reiterated the need to stop terrorists funding. Yeah, this is a fact that Pakistan after a long cock and bull struggle is finally at a place to righteously claims some success against terrorism and a level of diplomatic harmony. Abhorrently, national stance against terrorism has always called for culmination but terms to tackle this menace always differ. Call it accreditation or anything but...

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