Author: Umer Tauqeer

Pakistan and Wave of Terrorism

Soldiers and Officers at the cream of their ages leaving behind everything, the willing o sacrifice most valuable thing they have that is their lives. They know whenever they leave their barracks, whenever they say their parents Allah Hafiz, whenever they tell their wives that how much they love them and whenever they express their feelings about their children it might be their last time. Many of the people say it’s their job to fight and fight to protect the nation but why we sometimes forget that they are humans as well they have feelings whenever you insult abuse...

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Gen. Rizwan Akhtar takes an Early Retirement

Former ISI chief Lt Gen Rizwan Akhtar on Saturday requested early retirement from the Pakistan Army citing “pressing personal commitments”. Gen Akhtar, in a letter, asked for “premature release” starting Oct 9, 2017, after nearly 35 years of active commissioned service in the armed forces. “I want everyone knowing me to respect my decision and not succumb or resort to speculation in any domain. I shall be available for any service in the army whenever needed,” he added. Lieutenant General Rizwan Akhtar is the three-star rank Pakistan Army general recently he was serving as President of National Defence University...

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