Author: Waqas Khan

Saudi Arabia Rejects US recognizing Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

Saudi Arabia shares cordial relationships with USA since her independence, in Sep 23 1932. Their friendship dates back to 1933 when both countries made an effort for joint oil exploration in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia and USA has a mutual relationship of oil and security exchange. Saudi has the world’s richest reserve of oil and USA is the world’s top exporter of arms. Globally, Saudi Arabia is also heavy importer of arms and ammunition after India. While USA needs heavy imports in oil and gas for its industries and technology sector. Therefore, together they have established a tit for...

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Donald Trump Vs Xi JinPing

A leader is a person who gives vision and direction to the masses. He inspires, motivates and gives hope in face of adversity and uncertainty. Ultimately, he is responsible and is held accountable for the whole nation. Recently, World News Channels such as CNN and BBC are doing rounds, to decide who is the World’s Greatest Leader for the year 2017. Also, people on Social Media are buzzing with support for their own Country leaders. They are doing this –in some cases– out of patriotism, while in other cases out of simplicity, naivety, and blind-trust. This gives us a...

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Imran Khan Struggles to Reconcile with ECP

PTI’s Chairman, Imran Khan had a turbulent relationship with Elections Commission of Pakistan for past years, especially since the elections of 2013. Imran has blamed PML-N of rigging the elections 2013, in his “dharnas”, media talks and social media presence. Doing so, he was  indirectly undermining the effectiveness of the ECP, telling them they don’t know how to organize transparent elections, and letting the rogue party win the elections by hook or crook. However, Imran Khan started to criticize ECP directly, by saying the State’s Institute is being biased in Imran’s foreign funding case , submitted by former disgruntled...

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Growing International Pressure on Aung San Suu Ki

Aung San Suu Ki is the current civilian leader of Myanmar, former Burma, after winning elections in 2015. Previously, Ms. Suu was under house arrest for her standing up against dictatorship in the country. Eventually, she was successful in liberating her people and was awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 1990 for her decade-long struggle against dictatorship. She is a very popular figure in the country. Ms. Suu studied politics, philosophy, and economics at St Hugh’s College from 1964 to 1967 and received her Honorary Degree from the University of Oxford in 2012. Currently, Ms. Suu is under extreme International...

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Nuclear Deterrence

America hit Japan with Two nukes in WWII, to introduce the world to the horrors of Nuclear Warfare. It killed about 200,000 people in both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and left others to rot in nuclear radiations for generations to come. Japan was in shambles at the time the nukes hit her. The infrastructure was destroyed, people lost their lives, and the country lost its prosperity. Economy hit rock bottom and the trade was at all time low. The Allied Nations won the War against Axis Nations and the blood shed stopped. Japan was occupied and rehabilitated by the Allied...

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