Author: Zain R Hamid

Iran| Episode 7| Part 1| The Great Game: Last Line

Iran is the mini Europe, as I am standing in the phase of 1960’s. Iran was the tout or the policeman of America in the region. American was till the bottom root of Iran, even the constitution of Iran was supporting America and American diplomats which were in Iran. As it has been witnessed by some sources that government and Shah of Iran would amend the law for the American sitting within the country.  The new law would ensure the security and dignity of American and compromise the rights of the people of Iran. The law was that if Iranian...

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India| Episode 6| Part 1| The Great Game: Last Line

India is the country situated in the middle of South Asia. Northside she has the Himalayas, China with Bhutan and Nepal. On the East side, she shares her borders with Bangladesh and Myanmar. Srilanka is on the South side of India and Pakistan on West. India is the country which has been ruled by the Muslims from all sides. Pakistan and India, both got independence with the interval of one day. Aug 15, 1947, was the day when India saw the first sun of freedom. But they didn’t get the mental independence yet after 70 years. Indian politics always...

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Hariri Goes For Early Retirement

It was November 4, 2017, Saad Hariri announced live on Al Arabiya television that he had resigned as Lebanese prime minister. Very few saw it coming, although it wasn’t entirely unexpected. After all, it’s not as if Hariri was overjoyed presiding over a government under the control of his archrival, Hezbollah, the Lebanese political-military party accused of killing his father, Rafik, in 2005. He wasn’t. But for him to quit now, in the absence of obvious triggers and in such a mysterious fashion, has left Lebanon’s political class—even his own entourage and popular base—scratching their heads. That Saad told the...

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Pakistan Iran, Ice burg melting

The fast-changing geopolitical scenario has made Pakistan and Iran rediscover love in each other and builds their future on the old, trusted common bonds of religion and culture, after years of relative estrangement. Pakistan’s COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa is on a three-day visit to the neighboring Muslim state. The visit, which appears to be bringing an immediate boost to military ties, is also expected to result in enhanced cooperation in civilian areas. In his meetings with Iranian civil and military leadership on Monday, General Bajwa termed Pak-Iran border as a border of “Peace and Friendship”, ISPR said in...

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Pakistan| Episode 5| Part 1| The Great Game: Last Line

Pakistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a country in South Asia and on the junction of West Asia, Central Asia, and East Asia. It is the fifth-most populous country with a population exceeding 207.77 million people. Pakistan is one of the important country of the world as well as of Asia. Pakistan played a great role in Afghanistan at war against terror. Pakistan is still facing the huge difficulties due to terrorism. Pakistan did do a great work to stop the terrorism within her own territory. Pakistan is the only nation in the world who got maximum...

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