India and Pakistan will again be holding NSA talks, as said and reported for peace, agenda is set and dates are scheduled. But the question is, ‘Will both, specifically Pakistan make out best they can from talks’? I believe it is a no. As per report, talks agenda is left open ended; both parties will discuss matters of their concern. In such situation, this will be nothing but blame game, they will allege us for terrorism and so would we.
Indian NSA, Ajit Doval holds a controversial persona. There are video evidences of him spitting venom, suggesting strategies proposing total disruption. And considering Sartaj Aziz as Pakistan’s NSA, gives off a feeling that Pakistan will hear more of dictation or jumbled up allegations but would not thrash fact sheet.
The due process for agenda setting of NSA talks was painstaking and prolonged. Nawaz appeasement policy towards India had to play role against a ‘tit for tat agenda’. And India did not even care enough about Nawaz heartfelt soft corner. Continuous territorial violations, LOC provocations and national resentment build the real pressure to finally suggest an ‘open ended agenda’ for NSA talks.

Honestly, if it was Nawaz discretion that has to matter, Indian would have been bestowed with ‘MFN status’ long ago. But then, there exist an institution that has ‘that’ influence to make you ‘rethink’ about your decisions and in this case, that’s ‘fair enough’.
This is India’s way of reciprocating the kind gestures by keeping an upper leg as they continue hitting you. For one moment, you see Doval’s videos coming up and next moment, aspiring and kind statements of friendships and love from their Bollywood actors. India for sure has an industry to make up the damage they do and they are doing their job perfectly.
And that’s how they are ahead and far successful while we claim that we are on one page but that page doesn’t exist in a book. What Ajit Doval says in his videos is at face value; they project as traditional rivals to keep us busy. Just look around, you have a youth, singing Indian songs, copying Indian dialogues believing that we are same. Though they kill us with bombs but they are also rubbing off a line that’s separates us ideologically in immature minds conveniently.
Being a Pakistani, I seriously don’t want Sartaj Aziz to rediscover India or he would want him to silence Indian guns of allegations. Sartaj’s feeblish persona cannot ensure any of it. India’s fervent ambitions are beyond our leadership’s read. These NSA talks will once again be a repetition, a mere lip service or bombardment, as futile as anything. For making it a success, both parties, India with heightened egos and Pakistan with low self-esteem has to go beyond open ended agendas, settling terms and conditions.