“RAW has established a special cell at a cost of $500 million to sabotage the CPEC”. This has been said by Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) General Zubair Mehmood Hayat, while addressing a two-day conference in Islamabad.

The above statement of General Zubair Hayat also has its context. India is worried about CPEC because this project will boost up the Economy of Pakistan because India’s mission to destroy Pakistan will not be fulfilled after the completion of CPEC. From the Day of Independence, till this day India tried to de-stable Pakistan. But most of the times India could not get its results. The plan to destroy the CPEC was also confessed by Indian Terrorist and Spy “Kul Bhushan Jhadav”. In his confessional statement, he was tasked to work against the prosperity and progress of Pakistan.

But what Gen Zubair Mehmood told today is more important. He also said that “India is stoking chaos and anarchy in the region.” Claiming that Islamabad will maintain a minimum nuclear deterrence in the context of the current regional situation, General Zubair said New Delhi is also fanning “terrorism in Balochistan”.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is still a work in progress, but it has already helped Pakistan’s economy climb several notches on the global competitiveness scale. That’s according to a published World Economic Forum Report (WEFR) in September 2017, which placed Pakistan 115th out of the 137 countries ranked.

The improvement in the ranking is because of the refinement of the security situation and the development of CPEC projects.
Pakistan Army is highly concerned with the security of CPEC. If CPEC flourishes within a safe environment the development of the project will increase in a rapid way. But India used to disturb the peace and prosperity process. Modi and company tried a lot to isolate Pakistan in the whole world, but this isolation remains their fantasy. Indian aggression also disturbs the region. Indian occupied Kashmir face violence every day. During the address, the CJCSC stressed the need to resolve the longstanding Kashmir dispute which, he said, was vital for durable peace in the region. “Kashmir issue is the harbinger of a nuclear war in the region,” he said. Pakistan needs to be united. This is the best option to fight with the internal and external enemies of Pakistan. The economy of Pakistan still needs a better graph. Our reserves and sources must be used in the best way. CPEC is although a game changer but this everyone must do its duty with honesty. Stronger we can defeat our enemy either its RAW or NDS.