PTI’s Chairman, Imran Khan had a turbulent relationship with Elections Commission of Pakistan for past years, especially since the elections of 2013.

Imran has blamed PML-N of rigging the elections 2013, in his “dharnas”, media talks and social media presence. Doing so, he was  indirectly undermining the effectiveness of the ECP, telling them they don’t know how to organize transparent elections, and letting the rogue party win the elections by hook or crook.

However, Imran Khan started to criticize ECP directly, by saying the State’s Institute is being biased in Imran’s foreign funding case , submitted by former disgruntled PTI member, Akbar Babar. As a result of Khan’s scandalous remarks, ECP issued contempt of court notice against Imran Khan on Jan 24, 2017.

This issue is hanging in the air for a good 10 months now,without any visible solution insight.

Earlier On September 14, the ECP  issued bailable warrants against Imran to ensure his presence. The institution also ordered Imran to submit a surety bond of Rs100,000 until September 25; and nominate two persons who would be held responsible and ensure payment of the amount otherwise.

Even though, Imran Khan Apologized for his scandalous remarks over ECP on 25 Septemeber; and submitted a reply through his lawyer Babar Awan by saying;  “I respect the ECP and believe in the supremacy of institutions.”

However, the party’s legal adviser, Babar Awan, has termed the arrest warrants for the party chief as ‘illegal’and ‘unconstitutional’. By saying, “The commission has surprisingly issued warrants in the same case where a previous one was suspended by a full-bench of Islamabad High Court (IHC),” he remarked.

Recently, ECP decide to go hard on Imran and issued a non-bailable arrest warrant on Oct 26. ECP  has also requested Islamabad SSP to arrest Mr Khan over his continuous absence from hearings, in spite of summon notices.

Ultimately, PTI leaders decided that Khan would appear voluntarily and respectfully before Election Commission of Pakistan on Oct 26. However, the party maintained that they will challenge the ECP non-bailable arrest warrant in Islamabad High Court, because according to them ECP should be running free and fair elections and not issuing arrest warrants.