India is the country situated in the middle of South Asia. Northside she has the Himalayas, China with Bhutan and Nepal. On the East side, she shares her borders with Bangladesh and Myanmar. Srilanka is on the South side of India and Pakistan on West. India is the country which has been ruled by the Muslims from all sides. Pakistan and India, both got independence with the interval of one day. Aug 15, 1947, was the day when India saw the first sun of freedom. But they didn’t get the mental independence yet after 70 years.

Indian politics always walk around Pakistan. Indian politician always plays the Pakistan card when they want to win elections or when they want to cover their bad deeds. Indian public also wants this regression and aggression against Pakistan. Current Prime Minister of India also came in power by playing the Pakistan card. Pakistan card is more influent in India than the Toilet, Literacy, and ratio of poverty cards. India fought several wars against Pakistan, Bhutan, Srilanka, and China. India wants to be the policeman of the region with the willingness of her so-called partner America.   As India started getting closer to America, Pakistan also started building her relationship with Russia. China always prefers Pakistan against India.

In the Wars of Pakistan and India, China always supported Pakistan. China has more interest and trust in Pakistan more than India. India is do improving much in her own industrial area and improving her economy. Indian biggest problem is its population. It’s growing as many as 34 births and 10 deaths are registered in India every minute. The number goes up to 2,062 births and 603 deaths per hour, up to 49,481 births and 14,475 deaths per day and further up to 1.5 million births and 0.4 million deaths per month. In 1971, the difference between the population of India and China was up to 300 million, now in 2017 after 46 years, the difference is only 55 million. That shows China did try best to control their population but India went through the speed of a supersonic military jet.

India is the second most populated country in the world, having the population of round about 1.324 Billion. Majority of these people are more dangerous than the fully loaded Atomic Bomb. If these will not get the proper rights, food and respect they gonna blast and cause more problem for their State.  Roundabout 400 million people are living below the line of poverty in India and that can be the big problem for them. Its psychological phenomena that the man will not always let go his desires at some point he does gonna start fighting for it by all necessary and unnecessary means.

Today India does not have any bigger thread with Pakistan but do have with her own independence moment within the country. Sikhs want their separate homeland, UP wants freedom, Bahar wants freedom, most of all Kashmir wants independence and many more. Roundabout 20-30  freedom moments are being run for their equal rights and separate homeland.

I don’t know why India act like so childishly, India is playing the proxy war in Pakistan for the so-called independence of Balochistan. Latest, Pakistan COJS General Mehmood Hayat clearly talked about the proxies working for India in Pakistan. As far as I know Pakistan and Pakistan school of thoughts, Pakistan will not play proxies in reply, Pakistan will get the head to head like a man. India should focus on the poverty rate, India should give equal rights to the non-Hindu communities living in India. India should be afraid of the slogan of Pakitan by the Imam of Calcutta mosque.

India should pull herself out from the Illusion of Pakistan will attack India by not any reason. Pakistan is not mad at all like India Pakistan wants India to stabilize her own state and take control over the whole area. Pakistan does not want another Afghanistan along with her border.

India is facing the major problem in Kashmir from the moment when Modi arises as the Prime Minister of India. The killing of Kashmiri’s gone at top of all time. Massive brutality is been shown in Kashmir by using pellet guns. Roundabout 20% of the victims are younger than 15 years. Sikhs are killed every day in India, Muslims are killed after getting physically torture. Hindu’s lower cast doesn’t have proper rights in India, Girls and Women are been raped every day in big ratio. India does not have any moral values left by any mean. India needs to figure all that before they want to play any role in Afghanistan.


Next Sunday it’s ” Iran”