Iran is the mini Europe, as I am standing in the phase of 1960’s. Iran was the tout or the policeman of America in the region. American was till the bottom root of Iran, even the constitution of Iran was supporting America and American diplomats which were in Iran. As it has been witnessed by some sources that government and Shah of Iran would amend the law for the American sitting within the country.  The new law would ensure the security and dignity of American and compromise the rights of the people of Iran. The law was that if Iranian national even kick the pet of American national would be given the order of death and if American killed or disrespect Iranian women by any unnecessary mean will be deported by in America and would have plenty by their own law.

As it was all planning, The Great Leader of Iran and no doubt of Muslim world Mr. Ayatullah Khomeini had enough and gave the extreme harangue against the Shah and his company. He started calling the people of Iran to stand up and get their rights back. Ayatullah was believing in the proper foundation of Islami state. We also saw that people of Iran fully endorsed the idea of Khomeini.

As the plane, carrying Ayatullah and his partners, landed on the runway of Tehran, the Islamic revolution of Iran was hundred percent ensured. Ayatullah Khomeini was back in Iran after 16 years or so. After getting back he started getting more aggressive against the Bakhtawar (PM of Shah Iran). Moment sun of new and morally developed Iran raised, Iran suddenly became on the blacklist of United States. America did tried to established a relationship with Ayatullah Khomeini after the Islamic revolution while defending Shah and his regime in Iran.

Ayatullah turns every right side up from the revolution. Thrown the Pahlavi dynasty away. After that Ayatullah became the first Supreme Leader of Iran. Ayatullah Khomeini turned up against America and Israel straight away and called them the league of Satan. After that Iran was gifted by the War against Iraq which lasted for 8 years. Thousands of people died and hundreds of thousand people got injured for the whole life. Although Iran and Iraq got out from the war and Sadam was killed by the elder dictator known as America.

Now, Iran is now fighting against ISIS in Iraq and Syria with the side of Russia and Hizbollah. Iran also cleared the major land of both countries from ISIS. Qasim Sulamani wrote the latter to the Supreme Leader and gave him the good news that ISIS is totally cleared from the land of Iraq and Syria. Ayatullah Khamenei ordered him now to get in Afghanistan and ISIS out from there also.

The Internal politics of Iran also getting complexed day by day. Rouhani stood up against today’s Supreme leader of Iran, and said: ” Your duty is to advise rather than order”.
During his election campaign this year, Rouhani repeatedly attacked gender discrimination and, in defense of the 2030 document, said that “they (his conservative opponents) send false reports to the leader”. He added that the “administration will execute the document in accordance with the Iranian and Islamic culture”. Ayatullah Khamenei responded to Rouhani’s statement in his 5 June speech, saying: “(To) those who are under the impression that we haven’t received correct reports (about the 2030 document), (I say) no, the reports are correct reports.”
It clearly means that there is some problem going in Iran, Iran is not a country now as it was in the era of Iran’s Great Leader Imam Khomeini. Thousands of organizations are working in Iran right now. It doesn’t mean Mr. Respected Khamenei is totally alone in the country, but that also doesn’t make him popular as Khomeini. Anti Iran powers working very hard against the Islamic revolution of Iran. As far as we know, the whole power is in Ayatullah Khamenei hands. Ahmadinejad also turned against the supreme leader in last few years.
Iran as the security point of view is the safest country in the Middle East. Iran is also fighting against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. As far as Iran support to Hizbullah against Israel is a required action especially a state who is fighting against Islam in the Middle East. Israel killing in Palestine clearly displays the real face of coward living there. And I’m very upset about the current situation of KSA, doing nothing against Isreal, but also enhancing the bilateral relationship. Extremely sorry to say the destruction of first Kabaah will be done the cooperation of rulers over second Kabaah. Not supporting Iran on different issue but the work they are doing against Israel is totally appreciable



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