Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or KSA or Saudi Arabia. The land of Prophet Muhammad and the Kabaa ( home of Allah) is been hijacked, occupied by the morally corrupt family known as Saudis. Shah Saud stood against the Ottoman Empire and shook hand with the UK in a first world war, due to which Ottoman Empire was down to dust. Shah Saud was rewarded with the kingship of Hijaz and Najd after which he joined both areas and declared the kingdom there which is now known as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This family doesn’t even know the basic of the Islam and its teachings. How can you allow to drink? From where you can have 9 9 wifes at a single time? Why you guys go for a bet when it’s forbidden in Islam? There is a complete list of there moral and mental illness due to the so much money they have. This family totally turned the true complexion of the Islam. I love the land of Hijaz, I love Kabaa and Holy shrine of Prophet Muhammad, as a Muslim its a part of my faith but how can I accept the evil kingship over the two of the Holiest sites of the Muslim world? It’s not the part of our Eman to accept the whatever, whoever ruling over Hijaz carrying the blanket of Islam. Every real, honest and eye opened follower of Allah and Prophet Muhammad, whether he is a Sunni Muslim or a Shia Muslim knows the reality of Saudi Kingdom very well. The thing they are doing in Yemen on the name of Islam and for the protection of Kabaa and Madina is totally disgusting. What are they showing the world under the headline of Islam? I think they have the power to do anything in the world just like America and Israel and UK. All the west use to raise their voices for the people of Ukraine but total silence for Kashmir, Palestine, and Yemen. Why? because they are doing by themselves. To be honest this world is totally a jungle where rich and powerful are ruling. The humanity just died.

KSA is the country which totally and fully accepts the existence of a terrorist state in the Middle East known as nonother than Israel. How can you call them brother while calling your religious neighbor an evil and Kafir? The political situation in the Middle East is now, officially, a lot more complex than initially thought. Israel is openly admitting that the country has been working with Saudi Arabia in military matters. The two countries, which don’t have diplomatic ties, have found that there’s a common adversary to deal with: Iran. Israel’s military chief told a Saudi newspaper that Israelis and Saudis were in agreement that Iran was the “largest threat to the region,” per the Israeli newspaper HaaretzThe news isn’t surprising to anyone who has closely followed Middle East politics. Israel and Saudi Arabia both have a common enemy in Iran. Israel has claimed that Iran causes an existential threat to its existence — Iran has funded the anti-Israel group Hezbollah, which the U.S. considers a terrorist organization because they are purely against them. If you are with the USA you are good if you are against the USA you are bad. Days of USA and her allies are over now. This is not the Uni-polar world.

KSA will face the major downfall by the hands of MBS ( Muhammad Bin Salman). MBS is the most idiot personality or official I had ever witnessed. MBS took some so bad steps within his family and country, now his own Royal family and whole nation got tired of him. Due to those unprofessional steps now he is afraid of some revolution within his family or country. The whole Royal family is now thinking of something new. MBS is a king there or you can call him a king of his dad because he held the full power of the kingdom right now. MBS is now trying to introduce secularism in KSA, he gave free hand to the women there to get jobs, drive, ride etc which were supposed to the biggest evil or sin in KSA. For the first time in History of KSA, MBS announced the holiday on to the birthday of Prophet Muhammad, and before that, if you do celebrate the 12th of Rabiul-Awal all of your harems get wasted.
There is so much uncertainty in the country now a single event can took everything away from Saud family in KSA. After a major shift in strategy as MBS took the office, everyone thinks and MBS also thinks, as they are so-called Hadim e Harmain Shareefain, now they can do anything whether they invade in Iran, Yemen, Qatar no one does anything because they rule over two of the holiest sites of the Muslim world. I don’t what he had made his mind after playing video games most of the time. He took KSA in Yemen where he got stuck, he took KSA in Syria and Iraq where is also get stuck.

KSA saw a major fall in the Economic sector of her own country. By getting into the war in Yemen and investing a huge amount in Syria and Iraq, KSA is not the kingdom which was in past. I am damn sure most of the Gulf states will not see 2020. They are out by numbers, a miracle can save them otherwise no chance. They are all hollow now.


Next Time It’s “Palestine and Israel”

(Soon Enough)