Fahad Malik

Executive Director Fahad is 23 years old, an IT Student, Writer, Defence & Security Analyst. He likes to write on different topics, Fields of interests are Rise of Islamic Militancy, Arms Control & Disarmament & Politics of Asia Pacific. He founded Alpha Brains, and Aalishan Pakistan. He writes for ARY News & Duniya News, He is running a twitter bot @PakTrendStats. He tweets @Fahad4014. He can be reached at director@alphabrains.org


Zain R Hamid

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Zain is 20 years old, he is doing BSc in Computer Science from Punjab University. He writes on International politics and Pakistan internal politics. He takes interests in ongoing wars, End of Time and the Middle East. He also writes and takes interest in Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology. He writes for Alpha Brains and Aalishan Pakistan. He can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ by Zain R Hamid (@zainrhamid).


 Kiran Raza

Senior Defence Analyst

Kiran Raza is FJWU Alumni, and holds a degree in Computer Arts. She is also a professional graphic designer and a freelance writer. She is a co-founder of  Alpha Brains, and she is currently part of a social enterprise Aalishaan Pakistan which aims to project a positive Pakistan. Kiran is also running a socio-awareness initiative Painters Palette. Her area of research includes strategic stability in South Asia, Nuclear studies, conflict resolution and international law. She writes for PKKH. She writes for creating awareness and highlighting the various global and regional security threats Pakistan faces. She can be reached at                          kiran@aalishanpakistan.pk or kiran@alphabrains.org She tweets at @kiranraza_01

Maryam Masood

Advisor to the Director

Maryam is associated with Alpha Brains as Advisor to the Director, & leading the graphics team. Maryam is also a researcher and pilot, who holds a record to fly the coveted Boeing-777 aircraft to several local and international destinations concurrently, along with her sister.




Mokhtiar Ali

Chief Technology Officer

Mukhtiar Ali is a software engineering graduate, an expert in Android development and tech-enthusiasts. He is CTO in Alpha Brains. An entrepreneur having several Android apps under his name on Google Play. He writes for online publications, like Dunya Blogs and Dunya News about current affairs and politics. Political commentator and contributing editor at Alpha Brains. He can be reached at @MokhtiarAli



Jovaria Naseem

International Political Analyst & Researcher

Jovaria Naseem is an avid researcher and a freelance writer. She writes on a variety of subjects. Previously she has written for sports based and political websites. She has a keen interest in theology, human rights, international politics, deep state, philosophy, psychology, sports, and entertainment. She is now a part of Alpha Brains. She tweets at @swayinthewoods



 Amna Fazail

Media Analyst and Researcher

Amna always focuses to enhance the research area, she works with the examining point of view. Amna did MPhil in communication studies, with the major research on the “Public Perception about News of RAW Agents”. Amna has a major interest in the National Politics of Pakistan, Pakistan-India relations, social issues and Terrorism. She worked at “Uni-Mag” of Department Communication Studies BZU and at Daily Jang Multan as Sub-Editor.  She was also an Ambassador of Pakistan in Young Innovators Competition Team. Amna is now a part of Alpha Brains. She can be found on twitter by Amna Fazail (@amnaFazail)

Chaudhary Umer Tauqeer

Defense Analyst

Umer is doing Bachelors in Business administration at COMSATS Lahore. He has an eye on Pakistan Security and Defense areas. His key interest is defense technology and offensive capabilities of Pakistan. He takes interest in South Asian Politics as well, already working with many Facebook pages now Umer is the part of our Alpha Brains and write for us. Umer can be reached on Twitter and Instagram by Umer Tauqeer (@umertauqeer3888)



Waqas Khan

Local Political Analyst

Waqas khan is a Creative and Flexible individual. He has done his graduation in BBA-IT and his Masters in MBA HRM, from Institute of Management Sciences. He writes IT-related content/blogs for software houses like Codimize and MindGigs. He has done Article/Blog writing for USA based clients, a sample of his work is published at his own personal blog at www.khnneo.blogspot.com. Recently, he is passionately contributing to Alpha Brains as an Article Writer. He can be reached on twitter, facebook, and Gmail at @waqaskhn

Ammar Yaser

Political Analyst

Ammar is 26 years old, a political science Student, Writer, Islamic & politics Analyst. He likes to write on different topics, Now he is here for Alpha Brains, He tweets @IamAmmarYaser