There was a time when we used to watch the national drama on TV channels and now days we hardly find a TV channel promoting patriotism. It’s the media which makes the opinion of public in the favor or against any issue. Unfortunately our media in the race of breaking news forgets about the ethics of journalism as they only want to break the news to earn fame that a particular channel is quite active in breaking the news and when they don’t get news to break the start thinking to make news that’s what happens around the globe. Weapons of mass destruction which was the main reason of invading Iraq was a fabricated story, chemical weapons which were the reason to invade Syria through the so called rebel movement was also a fabricated news.


Have you ever thought that such kind of fabricated news or events always take place in Muslims countries only? Taking the example of Tunis where people stood up against the government and media (mostly western) started saying that it’s a revolution which was termed as “Arab Spring” but what were the outcomes of that so called revolution? A destabilized Egypt where people are not the basic rights? A destabilized Syria where people are getting killed for no reason, A destabilized Libya where people are not even able to imagine that there will be any good government in upcoming in future. This is what media did to the few countries I mentioned above.


The western world mainly Israel and America are just trying to create a bigger plot against Pakistan and its citizens through media. Israel may not directly involved in all of this but it is using India and other proxies against Pakistan, the allegations on DG ISI about the murder attempt on Hamid Mir was a part of this bigger plot. When they saw that they cannot do anything through that mean and also the effective steps of Pakistan against terrorism were creating a hurdle in their steps against Pakistan. When they saw that their proxies like Al-Qaeda\TTP are no more effective and their powers have been neutralized they started a media war against Pakistan by using the name of ISIS to threat the Pakistanis and to portray a bad image of Pakistan that the steps Pakistan Armed forces and its intelligence agencies that they are not worth full.


Recently they have started a media campaign by showing the wall chalking and posters of ISIS in different cities of Pakistan. The interior minister has categorically denied the presence of ISIS and its leaders either in urban or rural belt. It was just fabricated news that was created by media channels that 300+ militants of ISIS has entered Pakistan along with the gold which they will use against the Pakistan Armed forces and also to get the nuclear assets. Though it’s not possible to grab the nukes of Pakistan as they are in safe hands and the command and control system of nuclear assets is much stronger than other nuclear armed countries of the world. So by breaking news that ISIS is presence in Pakistan and will operate soon is just mockery of ground realities. Law enforcement agencies have arrested few people from the Punjab which were involved in wall chalking of ISIS and they are the members if AWSJ which was previously operating as SSP and is banned outfit in Pakistan.


Foreign media is also playing its part in it, they start spreading another narrative against Pakistan’s nuclear program with link with ISIS. They assumed in their biased thoughts that ISIS will likely to capture or use Pakistan Nuclear weapons. Pakistan nuclear security and safety measures clearly shows that Pakistan better know how to secure and safe its nuclear weapons and nuclear sites. Western media raised a point that in past Pakistan has been suffered with terrorist attacks on its military sites which is quite close to its nuclear installments. No state in the world, which has exception to security loops. It is totally wrong to put any state in terrorist list just because it has security loops.


Pakistan may not be a stable country for the business, its security situation was not good but since the operation ZarBeAzb has been started the security situation is becoming better than before.


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