Pakistan is one of those few countries of the world, where religion is known as the fuel to the extremism, also as religious Terrorism actually! Islam has the largest followers in Pakistan and there are around 71 different sects in Islam.. One religion, which has different sects like Shia, Sunni, Barelvi, Deobandi, so on, and on. Sometimes, I just don’t understand, when I am believer of one God, when I follow one Prophet ﷺ, when I have one book as the guide, then why there are so many sects, why there are so many divisions, why we have so many different versions of one religion?


Pakistan has sacrificed a very large number its people in sectarian violence. This country became a hell for the minorities, Shia-Sunni clashes, killing Ahmadis, burning Christians and Hindus have made Pakistan a very unsafe country. There are different Militant groups and terror wings working on an agenda of making Pakistan only a place for Muslims, but the ideology behind the making of Pakistan was to make it a place where “Everyone”, yes I repeat everyone can practice their religion freely. This country was not made only for Muslims!


Islam the religion of peace and harmony has now became a symbol of threat and violence, not just in Pakistan, but also around the world. We are becoming so intolerable because we don’t take fellow people as human beings, we take them as Hindu, Muslim, Kafir, Shia, Sunni, we discriminate on the basis of religion, and this is the problem. We want to implement our religion by force, we want to convert people forcefully, why! Just because we have forgotten the actual spirit of Islam. Islam is the religion of peace and in Pakistan there is no peace in Islam. In Pakistan if you are not Muslim, you have two choices, either be a Muslim or get ready to die! There’s no midway!


Being a Muslim, we have a huge responsibility of preaching the real Islam, we must show the actual picture of Islam, by tolerating other religions. The role of judiciary is very important in such a scenario, these Madrissa’s who promoting violence should be banned, and these Islamic groups and Militant wings should be eliminated as they have done much damage to us and our country.


Religious extremism is the worst form of terrorism and this will be stopped only after following the teachings of the Islam, God sent to us, not by following the Islam, these Mulla’s made for us.